Hungry Swimmer/diver students…


  1. Spaghetti noodles – 6 one-pound boxes (prepare the night before)

  2. MEATLESS spaghetti sauce (140-150 ounces) & a small jar of Alfredo sauce

  3. 7 large loaves of French bread – bring cutting board and cut bread into slices or buy precut bread at Walmart

  4. 2 bags of cutie oranges peeled 

  5. 2 bundles of bananas sliced in halves or thirds

  6. 1 gallon of water

  7. 2 large jugs of apple juice (NO cider) - can add an additional juice if you like

  8. Optional – parmesan cheese, butter, salad bag, ranch dressing, dozen hard boiled eggs 

  9. Sturdy paper plates (50)

  10. Paper/plastic cups (50)

  11. Forks (50)

  12. Napkins (50)

T.B.D. List (To Be Done List)

Be ready at 2:55 when school gets out.

Cook the noodle the night before. Serve out of a warmed roaster. 

Serve sauce out of crock pots. (Alfredo can be warmed in the microwave in a bowl)

Bring serving utensils and serving trays.

Locate the hand sanitizer from custodial office. Set up at the beginning of the serving tables.

You can use the school’s extension cords. They are in the same office as the hand sanitizer.

Remember to make 4-5 good plates up for the custodians and put in the teachers’ lounge.  We love our custodians!! They are awesome!

Clean tables, counters, etc. before you leave.

Please contact Missy ( for reimbursement of funds for food and serving products. $70 per dinner to be divided between host and assistant.