Swim season starts in 55 days!

elk swim 3.jpg

We have turned the calendar to October, and before you know it, we will be back in the pool for the start of another season.


In September, the team participated in the ERHS Homecoming parade--passing out candy and flyers promoting the swim team. We hooked a few new prospects! We need to start planning a float for next year--bigger and better! Thanks to team members who helped--it was a fun time!


During the week of October 22, captains and team members will be visiting the middle schools at lunch to get the word out about our program.  

2018/19 Captains

2018/19 Captains

Thanks to the Booster Board for creating the promotional flyers to promote the team--they are impressive!  Our website is awesome as well. I hope you have taken the time to check out all the features. We will be adding more during the season.

November will be busy with our preseason meeting on the 8th, the pool party on the 15th and the first day of practice on the 26th.

Get ready! Here come the ELKS!

Coach Green